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Krysten GossardI’ve always loved being in the kitchen.  It wasn’t until I lost over 40 lbs incorporating real food and an active lifestyle that I started to see food differently.  Sure, I still love to entertain, and sometimes I will share an indulgent recipe or two that is meant for special occasions.  I’ve learned from this journey, however, that it’s what you do consistently that counts.  It’s also about eating real nourishing food that you look forward to, rather than punishing yourself with boring tasteless meals.

It can be hard to change your lifestyle.  Those with families know that sitting down to steamed kale while the rest of your family enjoys lasagna is not a fun life to lead, and more importantly it’s not sustainable.  What I hope you find here are recipes for you and your family that can be enjoyed.  In the process, everyone gets involved, enjoys what they are eating, and is that much healthier for it.  My hope is that you’ll learn to strive to “have a diet” not be “on a diet” for the rest of your life.

We’re all made differently, so part of the struggle is finding what makes you feel best.  You will find recipes for most every way of eating.  Often we’re distracted by what others are doing, and we fall for those food fads.  Remember when fat was bad?  Now fat is revered and we’re all eating avocado and coconut with reckless abandon.  Strive for balance.  There is no magic formula, there’s just the formula that’s right for you. The right balance for your body.  So eat food.  Not too much. Not too little… and above all try a little bit of everything.

When I am not writing recipes for the blog, you’ll find me enjoying time with my husband and our sweet Schnauzer Poo Stanley who inspires the dog treat section 😉  Thank you for visiting.  Your comments and feedback are always encouraged and welcome!

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Kathryn Shipman

Friday 5th of January 2024

Interested in healthy but tasteful recipes

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