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This Week at Fresh Fit Kitchen

This Week at Fresh Fit Kitchen

Hello Everyone!  Its been a really good week.  You know those weeks where you just feel balanced.  The perfect amount of work and play.  I hope I can keep it going for a while. This Week at Fresh Fit Kitchen we are talking bug repellents (it’s that time of year), things I’m loving, and oh my gosh have you watched The Handmaid’s Tale?

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This Week at Fresh Fit Kitchen

1. Head on over to Amazon right now and order Julie Wampler’s cookbook, Dinner for Two: Easy and Innovative Recipes for One, Two, or a Few .  Even if you’re not cooking for a small family, you can double the recipes. I am in her Facebook group and it’s the only one I really enjoy.  I honestly hate Facebook, but I go there just for Julie and  her recipes. The other night she posted the recipe from her cookbook for this Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken. You guys… it changed my life!  I see this on my menu a lot especially because it came together in under half an hour.

Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken

2. The Handmaid’s Tale– I know I am kinda late to the party. We got an offer from Spotify to add Hulu for .99.  Since I can’t pass up a good deal, we decided to do it.  I really cannot decide if I can watch it.  Tell me why I should keep going.  Tell me why I should get past the premise that women are forced into having babies for people because this show is worth it.  It’s a tough one for me.  I will see how I feel beyond episode 1.

3. We are painting our kitchen and dining room this weekend.  Unfortunately the entire East Coast is going to be a rainy mess.  Why not paint?  I really hate painting.  I have a set of clothes dedicating to painting because I can’t seem to keep it off of me.

4.  I have this issue with wasps building nests in my mailbox.  The first time I discovered them, I was getting the mail while sitting in the car.  Out come two wasps.  I scream, throw my mail into the neighbors yard; a full on panic.  Have I mentioned I dislike insects? My husband sprayed and knocked them down and wouldn’t you know they came back.

Now I get the mail like I am disarming a bomb. This is no way to live. He knocked the nests down again and put a dryer sheet in the mail box to keep them away as according to the internet, they hate this.  I also ordered peppermint oil and made a solution of 8 ounces of water to 10 drops of oil.  If you were to run into me while I get the mail now, I smell like a pack of gum.  Stay tuned for whether these efforts work.

5.  I am really trying to calm down. I know when you read #4 you’re like “really? because you just described an all out panic.”  When it comes to the creepy crawlies, I’ll never calm down.  What I mean is that I am trying to relax a little when it comes to checking off the to do list.  Today was a gorgeous day and we are staring down a weekend of rain. Instead of cleaning my house because it’s Thursday and I always clean on Thursdays (like a real Sheldon Cooper), I decided to have lunch outside and sit in the sun with Stanley. It was lovely and it reminded me to calm down and let go a little. After all we are only sure we have today. Tomorrow is never a guarantee.

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